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Gilderoy Lockhart's Revenge

Title:Gilderoy Lockhart's Revenge
Characters:Gilderoy Lockhart,Horace Slughorn
Warning:torture,child abuse...dark fic
Summary:Gilderoy gets his revenge

Gilderoy Lockhart's Revenge

The Dark Northern sea was in a mood that night. It howled and shifted like a restless caged wolf,seeking freedom from its confines that would never truly be large enough.  The sky was several dark shades of dark green-grey,purply-grey and with speks of white and grey...so much more ominous than black...changing yet unchanging...Nothing but sky and sea as far as the eye could see.... but as the drizzel fell from the sky and the wind howled about the boat. Lightening striking in almost deliberate arches lighting the sky and in the distance one could spot the towering building against the greyness.

Sitting at the back of the boat huddled in a thick coat that might as well have been Hagrids he looked out at the tall tower,looming over head as they approached it,amazed at how dreary it looked and unable to keep the shudder from surging through his system as he felt the cold desolation of it all, but steeling himself for the task at hand. He let out a heavy sigh as they neared the dark docks,aluminated by dim torches lining the walls.

Jumping off the boat and onto the docks he watched the boat teather itself to the ship before moving up the long stairs not bothering to wait for the human guards to join him,already gotten approval to be here...there were some...perks to being the Ministers secretary he thought with a smirk though he was certain that the minister would kill him if he found out just what he had been upto...

He did hate to sneek around behind Rufus's back but he needed to prove that eh could best his abuser and get over what had been done to himself. He sighed as he looked up the dark damp steps to an even darker section until he found himself in a rather light warm foyer a bright silvery sea turtle swimming around the room as he spotted the warden and nodded stripping off his thick coat and straightening his dark charcole pinstripe suit, his bright blue eyes swimming in the the silver light,cleaning his shoes off with a quick spell,as they were coated in sea weed and muck.Brushing his blond hair back into slick straight well kempt hair,so unlike his normal thick wavy locks.

Looking more like a business man than anything else,he handed over the 'forged' letter with the ministers signature on it:All Access Pass to Prison of Azkaban,with the ministers signiture on it,the letter completely legal in every way even if the Minister didn't know what he had signed when it was handed to him under the pretense that it was for someone else.

The Warden read it and nodded his dull eyes glazing over the signiture and nodding "Where do you want to go, Mr.Lockhart?" he asked leaning forward on the high table,  and taking in the straight backed man before him. "Horace Slughorns Cell....I want the Dementors cleared from the level" he ordered down his nose taking in the room with distaste and scoffing at it. "Very well Mr.Lockhart,you will have to sign the book and leave your wand with us" he said as he put the forms down. and sending orders to clear the level Horace Slughorn was on.

Gilderoy signed and signed it with a sharp fick of his wrist putting his wand down and stepping away to walk through the door,the immediate shift in temperatures would have normally made him shiver but he willed that need down and taking a deep breath that seems to burn and nip at his lungs as the door slammed behind him,he walked down as if he owned the place,glad that the dementor's had been moved away until he came to Slughorns cell,looking at the blob in the corner of the cell and biting back the urge to run away screaming.

Horace looked up hearing someone at his cell bars and stared surprised at the man before him,in the dim light reminding him of Lucius Malfoy,though the ice blue eyes that seemed devoid of feelings reminded him of something alot more sinful,and he sat up wondering if he was hallucinating. "Gilderoy? My dear boy! Is that really you?!" he asked getting up with a small stumble and walking to his bars practically hanging off of them,taking in the sight like a water starved beast. Lockhart failed to answer his face barely twitching.

"Come here my boy! No need to ne shy" he said gesturing through his bars,for the boy to come closer, deciding that wasnt the best course of action,but refusing to show fear he stepped forward,just within reach of Slughorn staring at him cooly, too cooly for Slughorns likeing. "Your looking truly well,grown Up Gilderoy...I'm so pleased to see you..." he tried,nothing but a tensing in Gilderoy's shoulder answered "Good Down to business ! Get me out of here Gilderoy...I know you can! You've been sleeping with the Minister of Magic...you have the power to." Gilderoy growned his teeth at the mention of Rufus and scowled still not speaking,

"Mr.Lockhart be a good boy and let me out." he said with all the authority that he could muster Grabbing hold of Gideroy's tie and pulling him closer.Gilderoy looked up and down the corridor and reached into his pocket pulling out his carefully concealed wand,Slughorn letting go of his tie "Good boy! now open the door." Gilderoy took a step back loosening and fixing his tie to look prestine, staring up and down once more before pointing his wand at the man running the names of the spells that he'd spent days teaching himself how to do them.

Taking a breath and making sure that no one was around he flicked his wand at Slughorn "Incarcerous", and "Langlock" in quick succession, before taking off his jacket and rolling up his sleaves hanging the jacket on one of the sconces on a nearby wall,once again checking that there was nobody around before using "Alohomora" to open the lock and stepping in closing it behind him with a soft squeeky clang, turning to face his old school master and abuser,

By this time Horace Slughorn was in a panic, Gilderoy had never been capable of doing magic before...and after his unfortunate accident he was sure they boy would be completely helpless. He stared in bewilderment as the man before him looked him over for a moment, hardly any emotion in his face. "I'm going to release you...move or make a sound and you'll wish you were dead" was the first thing that he said before using "Finite Incantatem" to end the spells.

Horace marveled at the man before him...no longer a sniveling hunched over boy begging and pleading that he was a good boy and could do better, voice uneven and high...but a man,shorter than many men but his whole presence demanded attention. His back strait the slate green shirt and black tie adding to his appearance...oozing authority and power. His normally sunflower coloured yellow hair brushed back to slick against his head,showing his features in stronger contrast..His skin so clean and pale in the darkness that they glowed only beaten by the 2 points of blue cold light shining from his eyes,almost like an animal in the night,his pair of shoes a reflective blackness at his feat,making him look as if he were hovering.

Slughorn had a horrible feeling about this and stood up as he was released,knowing that he shouldnt test his luck with the man before him...not really having met this side of Gilderoy Lockhart before... "Gilderoy what do you think you are doing." He asked slowly side stepping him to get to the farthest side of his small cell. Gilderoys jaw worked and he looked around again. "Call me Sir, Mr.Slughorn I wont be responding to anything else" he answered the voice of the man Gilderoy was meant to have become sweeping silently through the room. Soft as the sweetest peach, a note of sweet melody behind it...but dark like the blackest ink...demanding and deep, comanding respect. Slughorn felt a shudder run down his back

"Sir..."Gilderoy smiled...but a smile one wears to their own execution...bitter."Thats much Better Mr.Slughorn...now down to business." he said whipping his wand in the air and creating a high backed chair,sitting down gracefully and staring pointedly at Horace "Kneel before me Mr.Slughorn, I have very little time. I'm a busy man." Slughorn stared at him in disbelief and stalled...a little to long as Gilderoy flicked his wand at the man, hitting him with a stinging hex and making him jump forward kneeling before him just as he had intended, at least a head and a half lower than Gilderoy now....

Extremely reluctant to be in this position he wished he knew what Gilderoy had planned before he pulled a page of a book out of his pocket and tossed it at his feat "Read it." he demanded sitting back and tapping his finger impatiently on the chair arm:

Swallowing Slughorn read the torn out page allowed:

Description: Allows the caster to delve into the mind of the victim, allowing the caster to see the memories, thoughts, and emotions of the victim.
Suggested etymology: Latin legere meaning "to read" and Latin mens meaning "mind".

Gilderoy smiled and nodded "Now read this" Handing another page over and waiting expectantly. Horace didn't think the first page was so much to worry about but seeing the second he felt faint. and hesitated until Gilderoy tapped his finger irritable raising his wand and caused him into action:

Cruciatus Curse
Description: Inflicts unbearable pain on the recipient of the curse. The effects of the curse depend upon the desires and emotions of the person– to produce the "excruciating" pain implied by the name, one must desire to cause pain purely for its own sake or for fulfillment. The extreme pain inflicted by the curse when cast so – without any apparent evidence of physical harm – makes it uniquely suited as a form of torture. This pain has included the sensations of flaming bones and a head that was split open by crude methods without sedation
One of the three Unforgivable Curses.

Gilderoy stared at the fat lump before him waiting to see his reaction, as sweat poured from his forehead and he looked up at Gilderoy in Disbelieve wondering what he was about to do to him. "Gilderoy please..." Lockhart smiled and shook his head, flicking his wand causing yet another stinging curse to hit him. "I said call me Sir...if you do it again I shall punish you more severely...I expect you wish to know what I have planned for you.." Slughorn swallowed and looked down "Yes...sir" he said feeling humiliated and small calling Gilderoy sir causing a coppery taste in his mouth.

"Is there anything in the two spells that you've just told me that gives you a hint of what I am about to do to you?" he asked as if talking to a dumb child...Slughorn shook his head. He frowned slightly...thinking that that was a complete waste of time then...but saw the way that Slughorn was sweating and decided that at least he left him scared.

"Very well...a couple of weeks ago I decided I would come and see you... I wanted to punish you for everything you had ever done to me...but couldnt come up with an appropriate means of doing so...and I thought of many...I was reading this book and found the mention of Legilimens and saw that it conveyed the victims emotions..." he stopped so that Slughorn could digest this information, before continueing.

"I then looked at the cruciatus Curse as it is obviously favored for inflicting pain...as I wish to do to you...and found that this depended on the persons emotions aswell...That got me thinking...what if I could give you the emotions for each of the memories of that those times you took me...punished me...hurt me...forced yourself on me..I want you to feel my pain..feel how I felt...and maybe then you could understand why I feel so hurt by your actions...because you don't do you...you don't understand why you are here...and I'm going to show you what you did to me"

His voice now no more than a whisper making him sound almost desperate to finish this. "I've found a way to feed you my emotions and memories in one way Slughorn...your going to feel it! and live wiht the knowledge that you did that to me! and you will feel what my worst memories are every.single.time. a Dementor comes near me,combined with your own! and I hope you suffer! as I have suffered each and every day since I was 11..."

His voice hard and hollow with the sound of furry making him look like a Roman God as he sat before slughorn.Who tried to bolt,he tried to stand but Gilderoy pushed him down and grabbed hold of his neck "Incarcerous!" He growled grabbing hold of the fat neck and pushing the wand to his temple, eh closed his eyes taking a deep breath wishing this would remove the memories but each came through like a hot knife each time the thread edged out of his head,like a stream of white hot acid.

Slughorn jerked as the memory chain connected to his temple feeding into him...The normally silver mercury trail,having a thick link of red and black ribbon circling around it feeding him the emotions with each memory....Gilderoy was fighting not to loose control as he fed the first of the memories...of him tied to a table being used...the feeling of disorientation and misunderstanding...of being dirty and the guilt running through him was intence..

The second memory of him being stripped naked and kneeling before the man as he was now a feeling of fear and wanting to hide and desperation running through him as if he were truly the happening at that moment..

The third memory was of him standing in a shower fat hands clinging to him cleaning him inside and out, muttering and humiliating him...making him want to dive off the edge of a cliff as they move to his anus again...

A memory of him standing bent over a desk being beaten his face pressed against a page of an Assignment with an A on it, before having somehting shoved into him,and told to leave it in all day...

So many memories flowed through his head at once htat by the time they were done he was paler than a ghost though Slughorn was far more so, he stood up but Slughorn grabbed his legs" Please...forgive me! don't leave! take this away! I don't want to feel this way" he begged, but this time Gilderoy lost it and pulled back kicking him in the chest and then sides, hitting him with several stinging curses until the man lay on the floor whimpering half unconcious.

Walks to the door it swung open and let him out,making sure that no one was watching he fixed his sleaves, and then his tie slipping on his jacket and concealing the wand the man sniveling and whining repeating to himself "What have I done" before walking out the dementors returning making him scream in the memories of what he had done...unable to obliviate himself from them...

Gilderoy walked passed the warden alot paller collecting his wand and signing out walked to the boat getting in silently staring into nothingness,finally finding himself at a shore feeling empty, he took the floo home, walking up to his room he curled up on his bed fully clothed and finally allowed himself to cry...



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Jan. 27th, 2010 03:56 am (UTC)
*stands up and applauds* That was written /SO WELL/ I can't even tell you. I could SEE everything happening, you did that so well!! Such rapt imagery! Merlin... BRAVO!! I thought for SURE you were going to have Gil kill him, but this... this is AMAZING!! Post it everywhere you can! It deserves recognition!!
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