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Tale of Two Moons.

Title:Tale of Two Moons.
Characters: Alastor Moody/Minerva McGonnagal
Warnings:Indecent Exposure and Language.
Summary:After Months of being held Captive by a mad Death Eater,Alastor is stuck in a Hospital wing being treated like a loon, Escaping he runs into Minerva... (This would Rate as PreSlash if it were two men...so PreHetro might  be a better description)

Tale of Two Moons!

Alastor lay staring up at the ceiling of the Hospital wing in Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry,the darkness around him again was almost welcoming, the cool air of the hospital wing after being stuck in the dank,humid yet cold Iron space of his trunk felt like heaven even if it did chill him slightly, fixed by the softness of the mattress beneath him and the starch white heavy hospital bedding around him.

But still he lay there. his eye open staring at the ceiling terrified to let his guard down for even an instance...sure it was Hogwarts and everything was meant to be safe...but no where was safe...even his 2nd home in Scotland had been breached by that bastard and his pet rat...

He sighed heavily finally taking his eye off of the ceiling feeling completely vulnerable without his eye that Pomfrey had decided wasn't needed just yet, needing to wrap his head in a bandage...and his wand confiscated after he accidentally blew up a pile of bedpans,after waking up from a night mare and having his wand at hand for the 1st time in 10 months he could hardly be blamed and yet it was still confiscated.

He let out a low growl and looked at his prosthetic leg that had been placed out of his reach next to the main entrance to the ward. Deciding that he didn't care about Pomfrey and her damned potions, he was getting out of the ward. 10 months of being out of control of his life, was enough,the ward was driving him insane...He wouldnt survive another day.

He slipped out of the bed pausing to make sure that Pomfrey wasn't around before balancing himself on his one leg...He felt himself about to topple over as he did so not used to walking any more,but he managed to stand getting his balance back he hopped hanging onto a tray for supposed slowly wheeling himself forward to his leg before flopping down next to it ,breathing heavily,amazed he hadn't woken anyone...he slid on his leg,the feeling alien to him, but he managed after a moment to let his memory kick in again.

Using the tray he slid himself up again making sure that he was still alone,the sound of others sleeping around him filled the room.Wishing he could go and get his wand and eye but knowing he'd get caught he made his way out of the ward through the doors and moved down the stairs leaning heavily on the cool castle walls as he did so, the air so cool on his skin,he wished he had taken the blanket with him,as it seamed to go right through his ward gown.

He'd some how managed to make it down the first flight of stairs and then the second or 3rd using his memory of times he'd snuck around Hogwart's at night to get to the kitchen,deciding that his best means of escape was probably through the Transfiguration courtyard and out toward the clock tower and finally freedom at the lake down to the gate...

He'd managed to make it as far as the court yard without being spotted,even Peeves seemed to be weary of him as he stalked through the halls and out into the courtyard crossing it just in time to hear a voice stop him. "Alastor Moody! What are you doing! I thought you were supposed to be resting?" said the unmistakable voice of Minerva McGonnagal.

Alastor spun around staring at her in shock,feeling himself blushing at the scandalized tone she used, wearing a tartan night gown her hair under a night cap looking decent and here he stood,in nothing more than a ward gown, barely at mid thigh for him as it was the largest they had in stock and he still didn't seem to fit quite right,his scarred arms showing aswell. "M..Minerva McGonagall...I...Dat is ter say...I'm leaving! I got tired o being stuck in dat ward ...time fir me ter make me escape if dat harpy wont let me go!Good Night Professor *he declared wishing he didn't have to be rude but he was afraid she'd call Dumbledore or Pomfrey and started to march off again.

Minerva was about to call him back when she saw something that made her blush right to her night cap "Oh my Goodness!" she said under her breath and covered her mouth to hide a giggle and she couldn't help but stare and make a distressed noise before calling back to him "Alastor! Please Wait!" she said in a hissed yell that he chose to ignore...

She groaned staring at the back of him the blush working all the way up to her ears making her look like a proud member of the Weasley Clan as she stared at the man in naught but a night gown.Two ties at the top and a the center of his back keeping him decent while a 3rd one however had come undone and was revealing two surprisingly well formed cheeks slipping out of them.And the thought of him having walked out of the hospital wing like that was almost to much to bare,making her want to laugh but couldn't "Al...Alastor!"

Minerva was sorely tempted to leave the man as he was but she would never forgive herself if she didn't do something and she raced after him putting a hand out to grab his shoulder,making him still in his walk.Though he refused to turn to talk to her"I...I'm not going back to the damned ward Minerva! Please...let me go! Please!" He begged her silently,the urge and need in his voice was enough to break her heart.

"Alastor its not so much that...than you have been...erm...I'm afraid that there is no kind way to say this but you're ..revealed" She said refusing to so much as smile,though she had to stop herself looking at the lightly scarred globes once more.

"Revealed? What de ya mean...Revealed?" he asked,looking over his shoulder at her. She let her eyes slowly drift to the open package that was his ass and then up to look at him again. He stared at her for a long moment before his eye went wide and his head shot down to look at his ass as he mooned her...

He spun around so quickly that his face became a red blurr his blush having gone up to something in a browny marroon. "I....Merlin Minerva...Please...firgive me I hadn't Realized" He moaned horrified as he tried to close up the gown but finding it difficult to do so because as he tried his front kept threatening to reveal himself to her,and eventually he settled for stalking backwards from her holding the two ends together.

"I didn't mean it Minerva! I...I'll just go!" he declared bumping into one of the statues crashing it over and making it crash into the bench which bounced up hitting one of the branches of a nearby tree, which broke off and hit the bird bath which fell over creating such a crash in the dark that it sounded like a nuclear bomb going off and he stood there wishing he could just die right now.

Minerva felt her lips twitch in the desire to laugh but she some how managed to keep herself on the straight and narrow and stared at him "Alastor where are you going to go without your wand, or even a set of decent clothes! Not even Hogsmead is that safe these days." she said deciding that logic was the best way of winning the man over.

Alastor stared at her desperately trying to find an answer...to be honest he hadn't thought that far ahead...all he knew was that he wanted to get away from the ward,so he could be alone to think. "I...I don't know...I was gonna go find Aberforth an..."he stopped knowing that walking into the dodgey end of Hogsmead being who he was,in nothign but a revealing nightgown ,was like signing his death warrant...if not himself then his reputation(what was left of it) would be down the tubes.

Minerva felt like tutting at him,but she didn't want to patronize the man so desperate for a bit of his honour back and took hold of his arm. "Please come with me Alastor." She said in a low voice him unwilling to let go of the back of his gown in front of her couldn't shake her off...

"Please...Please lass..don't make me go back...I cant! Wont! I'd rather take me chances wit Aberforth! I..ya don't know what its like Minerva...She treated me like a child! She took me wand an me eye away! She left me vulnerable...I cant go back der...please...Its like de trunk...I just want some control back"

Minerva felt her heart break for the man but she managed to look at him with a small smile and shook her head. "Come with me to my rooms Alastor...You feel cold as death. I'll give you a spot of tea and I have a spare bed for special cases and times...Its warm and theres a door so you can have some privacy." she assured him walking him into her office and then private rooms, putting him down in the chair farthest away from the door and let the kettle onto boil, before leaving for a moment and coming back with a set of Red Pajama's she had to resize for him but at least they would give him some decency.

"Why don't you get changed the bathroom is over there and then come back in and we'll get something warm into you",she said with a smiles,before busying herself with the cups. Alastor murmured his thanks before practically storming out of the room into the bathroom, and slamming the door behind him,the Pajama's used to hide his bottom from her as he ran out of the room. She smiled and was just about finished when a extremely embarrassed Red haired man snuck back into the kitchen and sat down a balled up hospital gown in his hand and looked at her with a embarrassed smile.

She smiled back and was just setting the tea down,Alastor taking a shivering sip of his tea when she heard a voice from her floo,watching Alastor Stiffen in his seat ,his cup rattling and look around for an escape she put a gentle arm on him and told him to relax.

She walked into the Sitting room to find Albus staring out at her. "Forgive the Intrusion at such a late hour,but Alastor seems to have checked himself out of the Hospital wing...He hasnt got his wand with him and the gates are warded...We're rather worried about him,We need to get everyone together to search for him,before he harms himself or anyone else for that matter in the state of mind that he is in..."

Minerva frowned and shook her head. "Alastor is here with me Albus,he is well,and stting in my kitchen drinking tea." She said trying to control her voice wondering what on earth would make Albus think that Alastor of all people would be capable of hurting another living innocent person! "Oh...this is splendid news...Please keep him there and I shall let the others know he is safe and Poppy and I will come down to take him back upto the ward."

Minerva sighed as she heard her fine china crash to the floor in the hall,knowing that Alastor was listening "Headmaster with all dew respect I would rather have Alastor stay the night. He obviously doesn't want to be there and I do have a spare room." Albus was about to disagree but saw the steel in her eyes that meant he couldn't manage to change her mind even if he did try "Very well Minerva,please sleep well,send my best to Alastor." And with that he popped back into the fireplace.

Minerva walked timidly back into the hall to find Alastor on his knees picking up pieces of broken china,deliberately hiding his face from her. "I...needed...I mean...wanted ter...bring ya yer tea afore it got cold...an dropped it, sorry Minerva." He mumbled his voice strained to the point that she knew he was probably either crying or fighting back tears.

Minerva shook her head and smiled at him ignoreing his tears,knowing how important it was to him to appear unbroken,but she wasnt about to go easy on him,he deserved to be treated like anyone else "You were Eves-Dropping on me Alastor,you should no better than that..."She said watching his shoulders stiffin at being talked to like that but a heavy sigh escaped him,one of a man greatful for something close to normality...not being treated like he was about to explode "Firgive me. As soon as I get me wand back I'll fix it" He answered getting up and putting it in the middle of the table.

"I think we've both had enough...excitement for the night though. I'll show you to your room" She said watching him closely for a moment. He nodded his eye already drooping.After walking him to his room she stopped to watch him as he looked around.

"De place looks cozy...as if someone actually lived here..." he observed as he sat on the bed staring at her for a moment picking up a teddy bear(That was actually a Scottish Terrier Teddy Dog) that had been sitting on the beds pillow. She chuckled and shook her head. "I have some troubled students Alastor...some of them need a quite place to rest and think. Perhaps that is what you need?"She asked watching as he nodded absently staring at the over used black bear giving it an experimental squeeze. "That is Mr.Macintosh,The students use him to help them sleep." she explained remember one student in particular who used to come t her at odd times of the night and cuddle sobbing against the Teddy Dog.

He smiled and nodded. "I'll be back in a moment with some coco and shortbread and a heating pad for you Alastor.Perhaps use the time to get ready for bed?" She said with a kind smile and left. Alastor nodded and put Mr.Macintosh down for a moment trying to get the pants leg to get up over his thigh so he could unclip his leg and failed, standing up he groaned closing the door and slid down his pants he bent over to quickly unclip his leg.

Minerva knocked on the door but no answer came as Alastor was too busy trying to unclip one of the straps that Barty had managed to break.cursing under his breath, Minerva worried opened the door after putting the coco down and found herself pushing the door open against Alastor who fell forward and found himself head over heals mooning Minerva for the second time tonight.

He rolled over on the bed grabbing the sheets to try and preserve his dignity,chuckling at her his face saying that this was not funny even if he was laughing. "I'm so sorry Alastor,you didn't answer I wanted to see that you weren't asleep on your feat...what were you trying to do anyway?"She asked with a raised eyebrow.

Alastor was begging for death right now but managed to motion to his leg "Wanted ter take me leg off affore bed. "he muttered "but de clips need workin on,Crouch didnt bother ter do any maintenance..wouldn't get off like it normally would" he said ruefully. She nodded and waved her wand at his leg,the clips coming undone and  sliding to rest on the beds end well within reach.

Alastor groaned and rubbed his raw leg before pulling up his pants with thanks and rolled into bed hiding the fact that he had Mr.MacIntosh in bed with him. She nodded and put down what she had meant to and smiled at him reassuringly. "You stay as long as you want here Alastor, I know that you probably need your peace and quiet and time to think,but I'm just down the hall if you need me...she said before heading out of the room,a small smile and a flush on her face at having seen Alastor Moody's Bottom...TWICE in one evening.

Alastor Fell asleep hugging the first soft thing he had managed to hold that wasn't his pillow in so many months,trying not to die of embarrassment...but he supposed that if he was going to moon anyone...she wasn't the worst person to do it too...

Somewhere in the early morning skies of Hogwarts the moon was sinking into the West and the sun was rising in the east,but Alastor Slept better than he had in 10 months all thanks to his old friend Minerva.



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Feb. 2nd, 2010 09:52 pm (UTC)
*LOL* Tale of Two Moons. NOTHING to do with what I thought it was going to be AHAHAHAHA. Sheer brilliance! The moon pales compared to this!! Great great story. I love how you give Alastor such character. I know I've said it before, but you give him life. You have his spirit. I love reading everything you write, even when it doesn't have Moody in it. *grins*
Feb. 2nd, 2010 10:07 pm (UTC)
*GRINS* Glad that you liked it!!! *smirks and leans back pretendign to be brilliant* I know! and ahah the moon is pale you know!and thanks!!! *blushes* you have and I never get tired of reading it !!!So thanks again!*Grins*
Aug. 9th, 2010 10:06 pm (UTC)

LOL great story! And who wouldn't want to see Moody's arse?

btw He didn't really have to slip down his trousers in order to unclip the prosthetic leg- - he could have just slipped it out of the sock like he did in the movie, but then there wouldn't be a story, so I'm not complaining. It's not called the Tale of Two Moons for nothing!

Speaking of artificial limbs, my grandfather who is a vet of Vietnam, uses an ICEROSS brand silicone liner suspension system (not suction) with a pin system which he really likes. As a new amputee, until he discovered a few tricks, he was experiencing pretty bad "distal end" pain (pressure on the end of the residual limb) to the point where he really couldn't walk comfortably without a cane.

Reminds me of Moody. In the movie, he has a prosthetic as apposed to a peg, and you notice he suffers some pain when he walks. That's why he leans on a cane for the most part. But moody's using an old prosthetic, and they weren't very comfortable back then because it wasn't a perfect fit. My grandfather had a leg like that before the new technology came out.

An amputee friend who saw him walking said to him, "You're sinking down too far in the 'bucket' (socket), Chuck". He already sort of knew that, but putting even an additional ply sock on of any thickness was too much and he couldn't get his leg on at all. For anyone (new amputees) that doesn't already know it, there should NOT be any pressure directly on the end of the bone where you had your amputation ever! His Iceross silicone liner suspension system uses a locking pin which was causing him a lot of pain simply because it was too long. The socket or "bucket" where your leg goes should support your weight evenly all the way down and all the way around your leg. In fact, a part of your rear "butt" should even sit slightly on the uppermost, back part of the socket lip.

Anyways, I'll shut up now. Once again, great story!
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