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Party Desires

Title: Party Desires
Characters: Alastor Moody and OC
Rating: R
Warnings: See rating.
Summary: Alastor Moody is at a party where he sees the woman of his dreams.

Party Desires

Vexation was a word that unto himself meant very little but that of the unknown and the unseen part of his inner lust, that belonged only unto his most private and inner being, that would bring about the need for a more sumptuous and almost sinful desire that coursed itself through his very vanes in hot unadulterated need...simply put...he was loves bedfellow.


The source of his Vexation, Need, unspoken and secret desire was seated across the dance chamber's a very small distance away,but as with most men his unkindled desire made it feel an abis! A space so wide between himself and his desire that it seemed most cruel to him as it did any man who thought themselves unworthy of there salt.The object of his desire (Though he would never have dared to call her an object for to him she had always been an angel so beautiful that the other angels in heaven jealous of her through her down to earth and clipped her wings, the very person that he knew within his scarred and lonely heart would be with him always)


Throwing cruel fortune to unknown wind's he stood up and crossed the dark abiss toward the woman...goddess that had so captured his fancy and stood before her nervously his actions betraying him, as he stumbled clumsily across to her heart beating so fast that his face appeared wine soaked, and his eyes fever glazed all the time.


As he approached her his heart beating a tap dance in his chest drowning out all thought or action making him wish that this moment of all moments were ended and he knew the out come before it had begun like most battles clumsy unknown steps toward a greater goal. Finally he found himself before his angel, unable to speak her bright smile bringing his breath to halt standing before unsure what to say all thought wiped from his very soul let alone head.


“Lord Moody. A pleasure to see you as always” She addressed the large warrior dressed before her in kilt and dress shirt, his sporran unusually plain for the occasion, though his hair done up in braid and Celtic silver made him look like a lord of old, a large long dress sword at his side his magic eye hidden behind a a piece of celtic embossed black leather, his face clean shaven and neat as he bowed takingher hand and pressing a kiss to it he smiled at her and finally found speech.


“Lady Lalah,I can assure ya dat der pleasure is all mine.” before standing straight staring at her without realizing but had she been Helen of Troy she would have launched 10 thousand ships let alone a measly 1000,taking in her appearance,her dress as red as the blooded African skies at night, her skin as milky white as her teeth were, he dared to run his eyes over her bodes swallowing hard as he stopped at her bosom swallowing even harder as he moved back upto her face,staring at her cherub bow lips,the slight cleft in her chin and her gorgeous eyes staring at him with a raised eyebrow making him blush furiously the blond hair the colour of the sun or the flowers that sap the light from them and create beauty in there turn or even the wheat that fed the hungry...


“I was wondering if ya would do me de honour o a dance me Lady?” He whispered offering her his hand which she took without a moment hesitance and allowed him to lead her onto the dance floor, her black and red heals clacking as they moved onto the dance floor befind Moody before he turned to grin at her taking hold of her hand in one hand and her waist in the other,pressing his belly against her boddess looking down at her with a small smile as the classiv music started .


Moving smoothly with her there bodies as one as they danced together smiling at each other love writtin in each of the lovers eyes, slowly taking turns to taste of each others lips,savoring each tasting as they did so,moving closer and closer to the exit whilst all eyes were on them, amazed at how beautiful Lady Lalah looked and surprised at how handsome Moody looked at this juncture in time.


Slowly they revolved around the room in each others arms looking into each others eyes,the love between them palpable, sparks flying betwixed the couple as they enjoyed themselves,the music seemeing to spur them on until they were a blur dancing on forever, Alastors hand wrapped tightly around that of his mates, his hand resting just below her lower back her chest pressed to his mimicking the motions of copulations.


Alastor dragged her leg up against his outer thigh to rest on his hip dragging her and swaying her back and forth until he felt dizzy with the lust that had build over the evening, his eyes darting around the room as he pushed her so far back that she was near vertical kissing her throat and the exposed part of her chest before all the guests and pulling her back so that she was molded to his body her hair resting over his shoulder.


“I want ya Lalah Nuit...so fokken badly” he whispered in her ear breathing hard, she nodded letting out her own puffs of air and pointed toward a dark corner of the room right out of view from all except those that might have had the same idea as themselves. Practically praying for the music to end Alastor was already heading toward that point of delicious,deviant darkness,taking up a two cups of punch and leading his lady toward the unseen darkness whilst innocently sipping at the punch.


Once within there cloaking darkness Alastor accosted her, pulling at her dress pushing its layers of dresses up as he slid her panties down allowing her a small moment to remove one leg from the aforementioned fabric allowing the other part to dangle off of her foot, looking around to make sure that there were no spies to their love and lust he kissed her oozing his very being into his soulful kiss demanding satisfaction from it and it was indeed satisfying from both parties.


Alastor sat pulled his kilt up pressing his body against hers and sighing in pleasure as he slipped his hardened steel into her his body shaking with wanton need,his lips pressed against hers as his shaft sunk forward into her body,the red fabric of her dress puffed up all around them creating a cocoon to hide behind his kilt meshing with the fabric of her dress as they kissed on his hand coming to cup one of her large breasts the other resting just at the base of her neck tangling in her yellow hair deepening the kiss.


All eyes seemed to be on them to Alastor,though he knew that it was only his imagination, in the back of his head he imagined himself doing what he was doing now with the exception of the fact that every noise that he made driving himself into the woman of his waking dreams and every noise that his woman made drew attention to themselves,highteing the pleasure he felt until his rigid flesh could no longer take its long suffering torment and threw forth its opus, spewing hot within the womb of the woman with the corn gold hair watching her eyes staring deeply into his hot breaths mingling, spiced gold and rose melting together as one each accenting the other.


Throwing her head back in pleasure she braced her hands on her loved ones shoulders her legs wrapped tightly around the divine waist of the man she loved, her eyes glazed with satisfaction that would make any nun jealous and any whore pay instead of receive, but she was neither, she was the woman of the affections of a man who stood tall, a warrior in these times and as she too reached the pinical of there passion she let out the smallest cry into his ear and shouted forth to the heavens in a loud voice “ALASTOR!” before being overwraught with pleasure and collapsing against him her body convulsing on its own from the sheer pleasure of the delight that was her beloveds manhood.


Alastor went bright red, slipping silently from his beloved angel and pushing her dress down glad for his kilt as it fell to cover the source of his guilty expression picking up his heart with work hardened arms he muttered something about being careful of the punch , before taking her from the room upstairs and putting her down on the bed opening the corset of her dress to make certain that she was capable of breath watching her finally waken as he took out the smelling salts .


Smiling she looked up at Alastor her arms resting above her head she let out a light mewl as she stretched boned catching into place making Alastor wince a tad enjoying the expression on her face as she did so yet,before turning her head to smile at him. “That was magnificent Alastor” she muttered glad that the party had not been the bore she thought it was going to be.


Alastor Merely smiled and kissed her hand “Think nothin o it lass....Happy Birthday Lalah me lass..”




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Mar. 22nd, 2010 07:54 pm (UTC)
If you had walked into my dreams, then re-created this for me, it could not have been more perfect... I'm almost speechless. The way Moody looks, the way I look... it is so vivid, and so flawless. What burns between us will always burn. I'm not just the one of his dreams, but he is the one of mine. I love him... beyond words. Your words so aptly describe everything that is felt and expressed. Your brilliance makes my mind to stand amazed, my heart to beat wildly and my soul feel comfort.
Thank you for giving him life, and for sharing his life with me. *HUGS YOU SO HARD* Thank you... I could say it 1000 times but it won't ever be enough.
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