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Necessities of War

Necessities of War

Title:Necessities of War
Characters:Rufus Scrimgeour,Gilderoy Lockhart, Harry Potter
Rating: R
Anal, Exhib, M/M, Oral, Spank, Wet Dream,Potter-Bashing
Disclaimer: Do not own characters or fandom and make no money off it either...(sadly)
Rufus Scrimgeour has a hard life being minister. War has broken out around the world, his men gone AWOL, his Field Marshal's to sexy for his own good. What ever is he to do when his men show up at his door. Lockhart/Scrimgeour and H.Potter

Necessities of War:

Sitting at his desk, Rufus chewed on the top of his quill reading down the lines of some or other order. The world was at war once more. Something new and more terrifying had happened. It had nothing to do with Voldemort or any of his kind, nothing to do with the wizarding world in fact. It had been the first time since war had been declared by muggles since the 2nd World War that Wizard reinforcements had been called in for. Frowning at the paper he wished that he could be a Minister for Magic in peaceful times, but he knew it wasn't meant to be so.

He understood the consequences of being who he was, his very surname made him more susceptible for a war time rule. But still he could dream. It had been a hard time for the Auror department, all of them having being called to duty in ways that the Auror's were never meant to be, times had become slack in training. In the times of war with Voldemort any person would have been accepted as long as he knew how to hold a wand and defend himself, but that was to the detriment of the department, training had been lax and now that the Auror department had been infiltrated by a rather poor selection, there had been more carnage than anything else... More Auror's dying in 4 months than there had been in the month's of Voldemorts Reign.

That left only the best and the hardest behind. Alastor Moody having been at the head of the new training making sure that the Auror's were hard arsed men and woman it was a show of pure ministry power that he was able to take 20 witches and wizards and turn them into the powerful wizards of there time. A necessity of war it truly was, but the training had changed every person in that group. Squeezing 4 years training into 3 month's. A testament to his own abilities, even if it meant breaking them before building them up. A full wizarding army had been formed for the first time in 8 centuries, since the battle between Merlin and Mab. The 40 odd Auror's General's and Leaders of each of the Troops. But for all there preparation, Rufus hated that what the war had done to the men and woman who were taken and trained for there abilities...those 20 brave soul's. He could see it in there eye's the cold clear cut look of having seen death in all its forms and beyond that in there eyes there very soul,while at the same time never having killed because...well that was just Alastor's way of doing things... He felt older than he should have.... so tired, wanting to crawl into bed and sleep a century.

He was pulled from his revelry by a knock on the door, making his head jerk up and swallow, looking at the clock and praying that it was not bad news, as he had no meetings scheduled for that time. Standing up he cleared his throat before letting out a call “Come” he said to the door,watching 2 men walk in. Each wearing the new Ministry Military uniform. Kakkie-brown trouser's,white pressed shirt, black boots at knee hight and same coloured kacky robe's that looked more like thick trench coats, thickly padded and ready for dueling if needed.

One man he didn't recognize. He stood taller than the man by his side, His hair black and brushed back slicked though still slightly messy. as an officer and a gentle-wizards should have been, his lip curled to the side in a small smile that let him know that this man had obviously not been on the field yet,...though on second thought it was a smirk, which probably meant he had been on the field and was a cocky bastard... either way he was going to find out, his back straight and ready for anything..

However to his other side he knew the man in every way. His back straight his posture proud,Handsome as any man could ever wish to be, blond hair brushed back and parted slicked down , a small thin mustache between his perfect nose and his perfect upper lip, looking straight ahead as if waiting for something, boots together cap neatly tucked under his arm,and looking more...the perfect soldier than anything. Right down to his highly polished belt buckle.

“Sir!” both men said in perfect timing, pressing there fisted hand to there chest above there heart and out opening in a sign of salute before dropping them to there sides “At Ease Gentleman what can I do for you Field Marsha; Lockhart?” he asked ignoring the other man and moving closer to the Field Marshal. “Reports from Ireland Minister Scrimgeour!” he answered keeping his eyes forward though his legs came out and his mouth seemed to slip abit. “and what are those reports Field Marshal?”
Rufus frowned hating Lockhart being like this, they were lovers weren't they? Though he suspected that this had to do with Duty more than being ignored “The Irish Guard went AWOL for a weekend and came back...turns out they managed to take back most of Norway...Of course we have the issue of whether or not to punish them for going AWOL and attacking without notice, or if we want to award them for saving the muggles arses...excuse my language” he frowned his mustache twitching slightly.

“Oh my that is...interesting news. I had wondered how the muggles had managed that.”he muttered looking down at his desk trying to work out what to do. “who's this man here Field Marshal?” he asked absent mindedly. “This...would be the general of the Irish side sir. The one that disobeyed my orders. General Potter. I believe you've met?” he said disinterest coating his voice even though he seemed highly interested in something in front of him.

“Potter? Merlin's Balls.” He said with a slight smirk, thinking that the training has done a lot for the boy if he was now a General “Well then in that case...I think that we should look more seriously into this General Potter” he said slowly watching the smirk drop from his face, the moment of realization that Rufus Scrimgeour didn't forget what he had done. “Did they do anything to break the law Field Marshal Lockhart?” He asked smirking to himself wishing that Alastor were here to see this.

“They disregarded a direct order,went AWOL, broke past Ministry defenses, and I do believe might have completely flouted the Official Secrets act, by ignoring all muggles and barging in and doing exactly what they wanted:” he said with a small bored sigh. “Very well...I believe that since General Potter and his band of Irish...renegades did us a favor the dementor's kiss can be saved,however I think that perhaps...A small stay in one of Field Marshal Moody's boot camp's would be a good reminder of where they should be.” he said, Potters face dropping comically his lightening bolt scar standing out more as his face paled.

“Thats hardly fair Minister! You can't...” he tried to continue only for Rufus to growl and move closer “You will do you're duty Potter! You signed up for it! Now you will do it! Or so help me I will have you executed for cowardess!” that seemed to get Potters blood boiling as he was about to move forward taking out his wand but finally Lockhart moved pressing his wand to Potters neck. “I am /not/ a Coward!”

“General Potter. I know that you might not be looking forward to your time with Moody but attacking the Minister will get you executed for being a traitor. I suggest that you leave now or I will call in the guard.”He drolled watching Potter turn on his heal and head out looking murderous. Gilderoy Lockhart smirked to himself, the man had some how become more a wizard than he ever was in his past life, growing under Rufus himself and now a fully capable man.

“Sorry about...”before he could say anything Rufus had his mouth on his kissing him, his hand on his back and pulling him closer into a kiss, feeling younger by the second “that was...nice sir...might have to do it again to be sure!”he said with a smirk,Rufus chuckling and magically shutting the door moving closer and saying with a smirk in his voice. “They went AWOL?...honestly Potter's can be thick headed at times” he muttered spinning his Field Marshal around and pushing him across the desk stripping off the god-awful robes and pushing his trousers down enjoying the uniform.

“Yes Indeed. Someone put the idea in his head” chuckled Gilderoy in a thick English accent pushing back on his lord and master enjoying himself thoroughly. “No...wait... you didn't did you Roy?” said Rufus shock and lust coating his voice. “Amazing the power of suggestion sir. Potter's going to be eating grass for 4 weeks of training really...and he managed to safe Norway! I must say his stupid Gryffindore hardheadedness is just to easy to inflate” said the Field Marshal with a smirk.

Rufus Chuckled and pushed him down lower with a smirk “You have been a naughty Field Marshal haven't you...I think you should be punished” he whispered with a slightly evil smirk and pushed his back so that he couldn't move,grabbing hold of a ruler and rubbing it over Gilderoy's arse “oooh sir please...I'm /so/ /very/ sorry! I won't do it again” said Gilderoy squirming though the grin on his face said it all.

Rufus raised the ruler and brought it down with a spectacularly thud on Gilderoy's arse, a serious of quick blows to his arse until it was nice red and hot, over 30 of them before Gilderoy squirmed and growled in pained pleasure rubbing himself up against the desk, before Rufus finally dropped the ruler to the floor and buried himself with in Gilderoy with a quick lubrication spell,sliding in and out slow and then fast....quick quick slow...dance pace all the time growling his name, a hand in his normally well kempted hair.

However what they didn't notice was that the door had opened and a rather shocked General Harry Potter was standing at the door wide eyed as he watched His Field Marshal being bred by his Minister. Rufus turned his head to see the Dow eyed Potter staring at them in shock his hand's clenched around his hat, his trousers looking rather tight and he chuckled “GET THE FUCK OUT AND SHUT THE DOOR!” He growled before turning back to spend himself within the Field Marshal, the door slamming...

After a few Minuets of silence Gilderoy Lockhart looked up and smiled “Well...think he's been aptly punished for going to places he shouldn't have even though they were restricted sir?” Rufus Chuckled and shook his head “I think he still needs a month with Alastor” with that he slipped out laughing before collapsing in the chair, this time a disheveled Gilderoy bending down to clean him.

Rufus Woke up and looked around startled swallowing hard. His breathing uneven and his eyes blurry from sleep. He smiled looking at Gilderoy beside him, though his trousers were wet and gooey he had to admit that as far as wet-dream's went...that one was a true delight.



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Apr. 29th, 2010 06:38 am (UTC)
*super grin* THAT WAS BRILLIANT! So good! Ahahah I thought it was a tad strange, Rufus would /NEVER/ have waited so long to breed his lad! *smirk* Thanks for writing this. *huggles you hard* Your writing is so good... you excel at it more and more each day! Please never stop!
Apr. 29th, 2010 06:51 am (UTC)
*stares and knows Gilderoy agrees with you fy un* lols glad that you liked it! your welcome fy un*grins and huggles and blushes* Merlin I wont stop writing fy un! Don't worry about that! as long as you promise not to stop either!
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