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An Eye for an Eye.

Title:An Eye for an Eye.
Characters: Alastor Moody,Rufus Scrimgeour,Minerva McGonagall,Gilderoy Lockhart.OC.
Rating: R.
Warning: Anal. Swearing... spelling..
Summary: Alastor Moody loves Rugby. He likes watching Rugby at the pub. Though he know's he shouldn't take his children to the pub he does anyway. All actions have consequences.

An Eye for An Eye!

Alastor Moody had always been a fan of Rugby.A Nobel sport as far as he was concerned.Much like the wizard sport Quiddich.It was fast paced and brutal. Easier to follow than Quiddich as it only had one ball, two teams and a limited time.He would often secretly sneak out to a muggle pub to watch the game usually one a Saturday and have a few pints .

However on one Saturday of a very important Semi-Final 6 nation;s game between his team (Ireland) and Wales. He found himself in a Dilemma. Minerva (his long time wife and mother of his son Hunter and his Daughter (Actually Rufus's) had been called away to a Hogsmead weekend and Rufus (his long time husband) would be away at a ministry weekend meeting leaving him to babysit Ham and Arty. Which meant no Rugby and no Pub and they would be back just in time for him to have missed the game.

Alastor sat and after some heavy contemplation decided that he'd simply take the children with him.Any lucky and they wouldn't tell Minerva and Rufus about it. Ham and Arty both 11 at the time having a weekend free from hogwarts understood that a trip to the pub wasnt exactly allowed even though it was always an adventure so they knew better than to tell mum and da.

On the morning of the Match Alastor took them to town kitting them both out in supporters gear, Ham in Irish Green and Orange colours from trousers,shirt,hat,jacket,shoes and scarf and Arty in the same though being her fathers daughter supported Wales and got the same in Blues and green and Red.Alastor in his own green colours even his graying red hair turned green, aside from a tiny welsh badge Arty guilted him into wearing.

Soon it was game time and alastor brought Hunter and Artemis in to the bar magically increasing the size of a bar stool so that both could sit comfortably on the one stool in front of the telly getting them each a rootbeer float and himself a green died beer. before setting down for the game of the century. the barman giving no indication that he minded their pretense,though by this time he had become quite used to the children since they came down with Alastor quiet often. Though the old mans wife didn't,she didn't say anything as she didn't feel it her place to comment.

It was a brilliant game,well worth the risk thought Alastor. Both sides were doing extremely well in the first half of the game both sides were sitting at 21/all.The chatter in the pub was something to contend with .though he didn't mind at all taking a deep quaff from his beer while Hunter and Artemis talked animatedly to him about the game.

It was almost comical (alastor would have thought under different circumstances) how the faces of the wee ones had dropped and gone pale from their normal chattering young faces to almost ghostly white looking over his shoulder. Ham who had been in the middle of a quaff of his 3rd float in in an hour his mouth hanging open in surprise spilling a good quantity out of it.

Alastor didn't need to turn around or even twitch his eye backward, feeling the presence behind him making him slump in his chair. "Hullo Rufus...I...De thin o it is,,,we,,,can we just please finish de game?" turning to talk to him only to be greeted by the sight of Minerva and Gilderoy on top of that both looking Furious, Alastor turned back in his seat blinking and mouthing the words "OH FOK"

Rufus couldn't have agreed more having  placed his hand on alastors shoulder he frowned deciding this was not the best place to Argue and pulled him from his seat and headed for the storage room the barkeeps wife had so generously opened for them, looking back to check on the children and the score, he saw that Gilderoy and Minerva were sitting either side of them getting them selfs a drink while chatting to the children. The sounds of the roars and cheers indicating the 2nd half of the game had started.

"Cub...I know I shouldn't brought de kiddies here but it was IRELAND vs.Wales Lad.... I couldn't?" Rufus raised a hand to indicate that he better shut his mouth Right now. "Alastor. I am not going to ask you what you were thinking,,,we both know you had other options.The game is being held live in Britain for starters! You could easily have gone to the game . Instead you came down to the PUB...so I can only assume you did this...because you wanted to make me angry."rufus asked his normally glittering gold eyes cold and Icy,his tone deathly. Alastor opened his mouth to argue but there was a roar from outside indicating that Ireland must have scored.

Before he could stop himself his eye darted to the side catching the rerun. Rufus caught that and felt his blood pressure rise substantially. Alastor knew he was dead but knew better than to say anything merely looking at his feet. "Do you have anything to say for yourself Mr.Moody?" asked Rufus in a tone that would have slain a death eater on sight and sent a Auror home to his mother sobbing."Lad...I please...don't be angry...I aint Gilderoy...no need ter worry bout me in a fokken pub " he grumbled the red colour in Rufus's face making him step back against a crate of beers and swalows looking away "I thought about going ter de game...but...de thin o it is...It.."frowning Alastor took a chance on telling him the truth. "I...it aint safe lad...ter big an area! Kids coulda gotten lost! No way ter monitor exiting and entering...it just aint safe...I...I thought dat by bringin em here I could watch de game an keep em safe...den get home affore ya knew?"

Rufus listened caught between feeling anger and feeling a stab of sorrow for his beloved STUPID but beloved husband. "Boy...it was a muggle game would have been safe. but I understand that you still feel paranoid...and yes I know its not paranoia if they are truly out to get you however... I feel that I cannot in good consciousness let you get away with this.As far as Bertha...John the Barkeepers wife has let me know...this has been going on for years?! It has to stop...Next weekend we can go and watch a game life all together! with Rita and Gilderoy and the lot! but for now...You're in trouble" Rufus said with an ominous low voice.

Alastor stared at him understanding he did wrong and looked at his feet understanding how much trouble he was in and nodded sighing. "Aye cub..I wouldnt expect anythin less?" he muttered wishing he were somewhere else right now "You're going to give me your eye. You are on holiday for a month are you not? You'll get it back at the end of the month" Alastor stared in horror at the very idea of giving up his only real means of security and for the first time felt like bolting,apparating and disappearing but Rufus caught his wrist and held him tightly reading the look on his husbands face, his heart giving off another pang for him but feeling that a small respite from his eye would do him good...even if it were forced. "It will be alright fy love....Moody glen is safer than hogwarts! You need this even if you don't realize it" he whispered Alastor looking as if he'd just lost his best friend nodded miserably, refusing to say a word.

Rufus held out his hand for the eye which was quickly taken out before he lost his nerves including the strap his eye lid slipping closed over the whole, white mottled scars over his eye lid the only sign of the fact that it was missing once it was closed.Rufus took the eye pocketing it stroking Alastors hair gently to sooth him but as he was about to announce the rest of his punishment the sound of Hunter Tynan Moody could be heard breaking over the audience as yet another round of cheers indicated that ireland had scored "DAT'S IT! BEAT DE FOKKERS" he shouted in a voice that could have been alastors had it not been so high pitched, the sounds of a yelp indicating that Minerva put a quick stop to that behavior Alastors heart going out to his boy, realising that was probably more his fault than the lads.

Rufus growled and glared at Alastor trying not to laugh after hearing that and tried to think of what to do next. "Alright Alastor time for your next lesson...cloak off,pants down bend over the crate.and close your eye" Were his orders, crossing his arms and stepping back to allow him to do so, the sounds of booing letting them know that Wales must have just scored .  Alastor slowly did as he was told bending over the crate and letting out a miserable sigh hearing Rufus slip his belt off making him tense knowing what was coming next and pinched his eyes closed tighter hating absolutely loathing the fact that he couldn't see what was coming expecting the worst.

What he didn't expect was the sound of the belt dropping to the ground and the weight of Rufus on his back muttering a lubrication spell and slipping into him before he could say what had happened and groaning as he finally hit bottom. Alastor let out a confused whimper not understanding what was happening trying to open his eyes before feeling Rufus cover it with his own "Alastor...I love you...I wont hurt you...I know how much it hurts you to be helpless...but I wont hurt you... shhh...don't believe everything you hear or see...its rough not being able to see...it hurts not being able to see whats happening behind you I understand...I wouldn't ever do something like that without letting you know exactly what was going on...not everything you cant see is bad...now hush boy and enjoy it..."

Rufus took his time driving himself into Alastor at a slow pace, the sounds of boos and cheers from the outside hiding the deeds in the room. Alastor lost to the sensation completely confused but content let himself enjoy feeling totally safe while feeling totally vulnerable at the same time.Not something he had ever truly let himself feel until that moment.

When he came his vision went white and he collapsed over the crate of guiness breathing hard eye still closed. Rufus patted his shoulder helped him dress and cleaned him up before leading him out...The game ended with Ireland 5 points behind Wales, but Alastor was too dazed to understand what had happened, being quiet  the whole way home and went to his room to lie down feeling exhausted as if he'd run a marathon.

The next morning however he woke up feeling refreshed reaching for his eye and finding nothing the events of the day previously hitting him like a brick house...Perhaps the eye didn't make him...Perhaps he was who he was without it...Going down to breakfast the family enjoyed one another company.Alastor couldn't help but thank Rufus for what he had done.Even though it made him feel vulnerable.He was happy for once to take a break.