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Title:Surviving the War. Or How X-Auror's survived.
Restriction: PG - PG13 (Swearing and violence)
Warnings: Violence,Strong Language, Graphic images (not that graphic) , Harry Potter Time line screw up!  Dumbledore was still supposed to be alive still at the time.Also Cornelius Fudge might still have been minister at the time.. However by the time I realized this I'd already finished.and of course bad spelling and grammar.
Summary: Rufus Scrimgeour newly elected Minister of Magic receives word that Amelia Bones is to be Killed by Death Eaters. He can't let that happen and goes off to save her. With the help of one of their own.


Surviving the War or How X-Auror's Survived

Rufus Scrimgeour, Minister for Magic of Great Britain and X-Auror sat in shock, staring at the man before him, pale and slack jawed, trying to work out what he had just been told.

The ministry of magic quiet and still in the extremely early morning. He had been toiling late night and day in order to discover the meaning behind the gifts that Dumbledore had bestowed on the trio of (As far as he was concerned) unpatriotic students. His health had taken a decidedly downward turn. Hisnormally tanned skin now sallow. His tawny hair maybe just alittle greyer and his shoulders slumping every once so often proving just how tired he was.

But now as he sat at his desk, a small snitch laying forgotten before him on the table he had so diligently cleared for the task of trying to unlock the snitches secrets, deluminator and book the only other article on the dark wooded table. The snitch fluttering in a small cage before him. He felt a cold rush over his spine like that of a Dementor grasp.

Rufus sat up straight staring at the man before him, gripping the arms of his chair tightly. Feeling older and older by the minute. Not only was he supposed to be dead but it would have meant that Potter had been telling the truth all along, and that a lot of this could have been avoided had they had the warning (He had suspected as much where Cornelius Fudge was involved. The man was an idiot after all,.But irritated him non the less)

“Say that again Pettigrew.” He finally asked the world suddenly seeming to move faster than he could ever have suspected.

Pettigrew face twisted and contorted its rat like features, flinching at the tone in the ministers voice and hiding behind his hands and shoulders making him seem even more rodent like. “Amelia Bones is due to be attacked tonight Minister” He simpered adding a small bow for affect his gloved right hand stretching as if on its on accord.

Rufus inwardly screamed wanting to leave immediately but knew he needed all the details.

“And just why should I trust you Pettigrew” he asked welsh accent thick with worry brows furrowed, lips pursed into a thin line, his heart raging in his chest screaming for him to leave and save Amelia, his friend ...his good friend Amelia. “Why are you telling me this!”

“Please there is no time Minister! Madam Bones is in grave Danger!They will be there in the next 2 hours!”

“Why are you helping her Petigrew!?” he demanded rising from his chair threatening. Tall lean form looming. A shadow over Pettigrew's small bulky form.

Pettigrew met his eyes then.Tiny beedy eyes meeting dangerously glowing yellow gold eyes. Understanding suddenly dawned between the two of them. Pettigrews eyes saying more than any words could. Pettigrews gloved hand twitching unpleasantly for soemr eason unknown to Rufus who's mind felt repuled by the idea of such a creep lusting after her. Fighting the urge to shudder he grabbed hold of Pettigrew by his collar pulling hi nose to nose between them teeth bared looking like an angry king Lion.

“If this is a trap I swear to all that is magic and sacred. I will be back to get you Peter Pettigrew” and with that he was gone leaving a snitch and a Rat behind.


Amelia Bones awoke in the wee hours of the morning to the sound of Angry mutters and growls. Her small Welsh cottage making ever little sound echo, she lay perfectly still hand slipping around her wand that she had been keeping by her bed side table for as long as she had been an Auror before finally becoming the Head of the Department of Justice in the ministry.

Formidable in her day and still as dangerous as a Dragon with a toothache. Even having bested several of the ministries top duelers. Including Kingsley Shacklebolt and on one very lucky occation Alastor Moody himself. She had been waiting for this attack for awhile.

As soon as it was confirmed that Voldemort had returned she knew that he would come for her. She had seen the way that, that smug basterd Yaxley had seemed to be pushing his weight around her department as if he owned it. She suspected his Alegences lay else where but without proof she was helpless to do something about it.

Slipping out of her bed and slipping on her slippers she slowly stood up wand raised preparing to meet her fate and take down every bastered that dared enter her family home. She smiled ironically as she heard loud foot-steps at her door listening to the hushed voices on the other side of it.

“Are ya sure about dis lad?” she heard one of the voices whisper all to loudly. A voice she had thought that she would never hear again. “Too late to change our minds now Alastor” growled the other voice sounding rather angry “But it could be a trap lad!” argued a now equally angry voice “And it is probably the truth! I should have just come on my own! What if the Death Eaters are here already!” Snapped the voice that could only belong to Rufus Scrimgeour. “Told ya it was a bad idea coming!” answered the voice of Alastor Moody rather smugly an angry growl coming from the back of Rufus's throat.

Just as she was about to swing the door open. Alastor had beaten her too it opening the door with a smirk staring at her and then at a bewildered Rufus. “She was listening in on de conversation. Thought I might aswell get it over wit” he answered looking smug inviting himself into the room, Amelia raised her wand aiming it right into Rufus's face “In my Third year of Hogwarts I punched you in the jaw! Why?” Rufus smirked “Because I said that Hufflepuff Quiddich players didn't know their Quaffles from there broomsticks” Amelia had to smirk at that “Not a very smart thing to tell the Hufflepuff Keeper now is it” Letting her wand down she walked into her room Rufus following and closing the door behind him “No I'll admit that it wasn't. But I also Remember you saying that All Gryffindores were glory hogging lions.”


Amelia was about to say something in retort but Alastor cleared his throat “If ya children are done wit yer reunion could ya get on wit it please! We're in very real danger if ya care ter remember Rufus!” Alastor checked out the window preparing wards as he stalked around the room.

Amelia Frowned “What on earth is going on? Not that I'm complaining! Alastor Where have you been hiding!!!”She berated him personally extremely happy to see him walking around.

“Bin hiding in me trunk” he answered “alot more homely now dat I've set it up wit a bed an kitchen an all me books.”was his only answer starting to look a tad twitchy. “Can we please get movin!”

Rufus nodded and cleared his throat “Amelia we must leave. He is coming here to kill you! We must go . I have a portkey ready to take us to a safe location.!”

Just as Rufus said that a loud bang and creek echo'd through the home. Cackling and shouting outside green fireworks hitting the sky and around the home. Trees suddenly setting alight Thatched roof burning.

Alastor let out a slew of curses that would have impressed a doc whore. Rufus Dived to move Amelia toward the center of the room and Amelia did the same for Rufus. “FEK! Told ya we were waistin time boy!” Alastor growled shooting spells out the window growling at the bat like figures flying around.

“Get your things we HAVE to go right now!” he growled at Amelia who summoned her bag and magically stuffed basic clothing items and important heirlooms before running to the window and shooting spells out with Alastor. Rufus running to the door as it rattled stunning the death eater through the key hole. The second Death Eater at the door hit to the back of the head with a slew of books flying into the bag, and when he turned around to see what he got hit with he was hit face first with several more books before finally being knocked out.

Cackling could be heard all over the small cottage as finally books, and photos and drawings found there way into the bag and the bag was snapped shut, shrunk and placed into Amelia's sleep dress pocket. Just as the cackling stopped the air seemed to become deadly Rufus stared at Amelia and Alastor who were standing either side of the window looking startled. Voldemort himself had just arrived.

The cackling suddenly restarted,making its way up the stares. A mass of black poodle hair making its way up the steps Rufus staring at the cackling bitch, backed by too more unknown death eaters. Looking back he was surprised to see Amelia lying on the floor blood dripping from her mouth.

He looked up terrified to see where Alastor was before seeing Amelia and Alastor standing over the dead Amelia.

Rufus realizing as soon as his stomach settled and his heart went back to his chest that it was a decoy and he preyed that he would never see that image again. “Confundo de bitch cub. Got ter go!” he growled Rufus hitting her reluctantly with a confundo wanting to do so much more, but understanding the necessity of it. Just as the cackling old hag shot a volley of curses at the door Rufus expertly dodging and shielding them before hitting her dead on with a confundo charm watching in amusement as she fell back against the lackeys behind her hitting her with a blast of fire watching as her poodle hair flew alight. Giving them enough time to escape.Voldemorts screams erupting through the air as he found  that Bellatrix had killed the person that he had intended to kill himself.The transfiguered pillow looking exactly like Amelia Bones. Before Voldemort or anyone could check the Auror's had arrived.

Grabbing hold of the port-key horse shoe Alastor,Amelia and Rufus escaped as a green skull hung over Bones Cottage. Somewhere in the middle of forest in Dorset a trunk lay hidden in a empty tree trunk 3 drunk X-Auror's getting pissed on a good bottle of Ogdens.

Voldemorts screams erupting through the air as he found  that Bellatrix had killed the person that he had intended to kill himself.The transfiguered pillow looking exactly like Amelia Bones. Before Voldemort or anyone could check the Auror's had arrived.


“Muggle newspapers reported the crime and described her as a "middle-aged woman who lived alone." Fudge believes that the murder was carried out by Voldemort himself “